The Miracle of Women

How it all started!

Over 30 years ago Susan Ross (center bottom) had a vision to have a conference for women in recovery. She shared this vision with her best friend, Lydia (bottom right). Then the vision was shared with Treva (bottom left), Melodi (top right), Brenda (top center), and Sharon (top left). There were others who helped in the beginning but left to pursue other interests.

Below is a photo of the six original committee members, better known as the “OG’s”. This photo was taken at the 20th Annual MOW Conference in April 2007.


The journey began in Watts with a one day marathon for women to bond and celebrate their recovery.  The next year, the marathon became a two day conference which was held at The Willow Tree Inn in Compton. The conference continued to grow and we moved to the Holiday Inn in Torrance, CA. That was a miracle in itself because we didn’t have a lot of money.

The Holiday Inn was incredible! Our main events were held on the top floor overlooking the city. That was a spiritual experience. Well the miracle continued. We outgrew the Holiday Inn and moved across the street to the Torrance Marriott.

The conference was now being held over three days and included many speakers, workshops, a banquet and spiritual breakfast. We’re still there and have become part of the Marriott Family.

Learn more about the current committee here.